Our Mission

We strive to provide a higher quality and more affordable standard for all dogs under the care of Service Dog organizations.

How We Do It

By providing comprehensive on-site and virtual training to organizations, as well as printed and online materials such as kennel cleaning procedures, diagnostic and routine examination guides, and recovery room designs.

What It Means For Your Organization

Utilizing your existing team of staff members and trainers to provide high quality and comprehensive medical care will help ensure a stress-free environment for your staff and your dogs.

Dr. Kevin Conrad

After 35 years in Veterinary Medicine and 9 years in the Service Dog industry, the most effective and cost efficient Organizations are those with well trained, knowledgeable staff who knows their dogs and provide basic medical care. Let’s cut out those frequent back and forth trips to the Vet and save time and expenses for the Organization.

Your New Internal Clinic

With the training and materials we provide, your team will be able to accurately treat and manage the most common ailments found in kennel and training environments. Issues such as allergies, diarrhea, vomiting, and dermatology conditions will no longer mean an emergency vet visit every time. With basic and affordable equipment and facilities, your team can increase the quality of care, and decrease the expense.

An on-demand source of trusted information

By providing detailed and comprehensive support materials for over 100 conditions that commonly affect the service dogs within your organization, we empower you and your staff to treat your animals immediately and on site. Topics such as flea and tick prevention, tapeworm, heartworm, diarrhea, birth and post-natal care, puppy feeding, and diet are all provided to you and your staff for access whenever you need, from whatever device you have handy.

More than just documents and training

It’s one thing to have some well-written guidelines on flea and tick prevention, but what happens when something more serious arises? we provide not only the information you need to treat such ailments, but also full tutorials and requirements for outfitting your own crash carts, surgical rooms, and recovery rooms. Our goal is to equip you and your team to safely and carefully handle everything but the most dire situations.

Crash Cart

The first thing you grab in case of a medical emergency. It will have everything you need, right in one place. The first minutes after trauma or injury are the most important, and we provide a list of all supplies needed, as well as handling instruction for medications, dosages, and emergency treatment protocols.

Medical Supply

A properly supplied, clean, and well maintained environment is vital for the wellbeing and care of your animals. It is also well within your ability to produce and utilize. Like the standard procedures we provide for crash carts, we also design a personalized laboratory and medical supply room layout, to maximize your existing space and ensure that you are always prepared.

Leave it to the Pros

With some injuries and conditions, time is too precious to waste wondering if you can handle it yourself. Especially if your medical staff feels confident in their abilities. This is why we also provide an emergency triage protocol, so you know clearly and immediately your best course of action.