My Expertise

My biggest passion has been for surgery, as the traditional veterinary medicine and nutritional industries have left me frustrated, with the gaps they each leave in healthcare and wellness.

I have received certifications and training in:

Canine Acupuncture

Canine Nutrition

Microbiome Restoration

Canine Rehabilitation Medicine

Hyperbaric Medicine

Ozone Therapy

With these “alternative therapies” I have found a way to use natural medicines such as homemade diets to fix obesity, fecal transplantation to solve diarrhea, strength training to improve training results, and oxygen to heal everything!

My Life

Veterinary Medicine, reading animal behavior, and helping them overcome adversity has always been a part of me. Since I was 10 years old my family has allowed me to bring stray or wild animals home to rehabilitate. After college, I went on to own several Animal Hospitals, work with local humane societies as a community outreach, and have supported non-profit focused organizations for retired greyhounds, Guide Dogs, and Service Dog organizations. I love finding ways to improve the lives of our pets and watch the miracles they provide through mission driven organizations.

My Mission

Service Dog organizations across the country stopped functioning with the onset of Covid. They moved dogs, stopped breeding programs, and prevented students in need of these dogs from attending classes. By the time they were able to resume operation, the Service Dogs with healthcare needs simply can’t get in to see the Vet in an appropriate time frame, causing even more dogs to get sick. By the time an appointment is available, more dogs are involved and the cost has exceeded the budget. Now, the already stressed organization is responsible for the transport and care of an entire pack of sick Service Dogs.

My mission with this business is to provide Service Dog Organizations with tools and knowledge to train staff to do much of the work on their dogs without going to the Vet. By working through the simple steps on your own first, you can save up to 80% on vet expenses, as well as to greatly reduce the stress on your staff, and animals.

There is something for everyone here. Whether you would like full service visits to your school, consultation, and on-site Vet services or training, prefer videos for training and demonstrations, or perhaps your program only needs written protocols and procedures.

Please look around, and reach out below for more information and pricing.

How I work with you

The process of training your own staff can sound daunting, but I’ll be with you through it all. I enjoy meeting new organizations, learning about your team and your animals, and helping you along the way. Whether you prefer virtual consultation or on-site visits to get established, I will be just as immersed in the onboarding as you. It’s important to me that we both feel confident in the safety and care of your Service Dogs, and that as your organizations grows, so too do their skills and knowledge. The process can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months depending on your staff’s experience and comfort providing medical care, but I’m never more than a phone call away.